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The "experts" are the voices in her head!!! →


Slutsrunningwithnails has experts who talk to her about facial recognition… 
Drugs are not good for your remaining brain cells!!! 

LMAO! The only pictures these people have for their blogs,to support a long dead relationship that they worship, are pics of Rob and whats her face at professional events or manipulations, Oh I forgot the Cochella  pics, but that was during the freak show of 2013 so they do not count.

I will give them ONE point…. Rob and whats her face could have gotten married secretly, according to what I read , you can purchase a private license in  LA and *maybe* the paps missed it BUT NOT FOR MORE THAN A YEAR!  

The way these two people are followed there is no way in hell a marriage would stay hidden this long and especially NOT one with a new born.

 SOMEONE is going to talk. SOMEONE is going to take a picture.  Last I checked births are a matter of public record, you can not hide them. 

It must be exhausting trying to maintain a super secret marriage and birth. They both deserve Oscars for this performance! 



Playing with our damn hearts. I love it. lol

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'You are my servant, I have chosen you, I have not rejected you,'

10 do not be afraid, for I am with you; do not be alarmed, for I am your God. I give you strength, truly I help you, truly I hold you firm with my saving right hand.

11 Look, all those who rage against you will be put to shame and humiliated; those who picked quarrels with you will be reduced to nothing and will perish.

12 You will look for them but will not find them, those who used to fight you; they will be destroyed and brought to nothing, those who made war on you.

13 For I, Yahweh, your God, I grasp you by your right hand; I tell you, ‘Do not be afraid, I shall help you.’

— ~Isaiah 41:9b-13 (via mrs-darcy)


Joan Rivers on Kristen Stewart and K’s attempt at suing her because of a joke Joan wrote in her comedy book.

Haha! I love Joan and her no bullshit honesty. The truth hurts, get over it.


And the rumors continue… the tainted reality of the K-Stew circle.

To catch some up, Nicholas Hoult (Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend) is cast in the film Equals with Kristen Stewart, who is friends with Riley Keough, to which its been rumored Nick is cheating on Jen with Riley.

Since Nick signed to the cast with K, there’s been many rumors about Jen and Nick - from Nick cheating to Jen being jealous of K. Smh.


wait. WHAT?!  I’ll just be over here dying.

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There’s one lady in Oliver’s life. Just one. There’s one woman in Oliver’s life this year. It’s Felicity.
— Stephen Amell SDCC 2014  (via brokenrosethorns)

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Robert Pattinson | Comic Con 2012

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